Monday, September 5, 2011

Even more first Birthday


The ribbon wreath was an experiment, that turned out really well. We started with a floral foam wreath form, and the ribbon was looped and pinned in. These banners were made using the big shot and cricut mostly, and lots of Stampin' Up paper : ) the one banner with the pictures was made using a picture of the baby each month including the 12 month picture that really shows how much she grew and changed over the first year. So much fun having a crafty sister.

More pretty pink birthday party!

These are more of the really beautiful, very pink birthday party my niece had this summer. Her cake had ladybugs on it, and the frosting was amazingly detailed, the daisies even sparkled.

First Birthday Cakes

My niece had her first birthday this summer, and my sister and I had fun decorating for it. My sister is very talented, and went all out and I will share some of the other decorations in future posts. The birthday girl had her own cake of course, these were for the other kids, each fit into a "cupcake wrapper" that looked like little crowns, of course we had to decorate them too.